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Black Bean Chipotle Sourdough

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Black Bean Chipotle Sourdough

This bread has two sources of inspiration. First is the basic sourdough formula from BBA, which is this week's recipe for the BBA challenge (yes, we are still hanging on, the end is near though); the other is the mexcali heat bread from the ever so helpful sourdough home website:


From past experience, I know it's not easy to adapt flavor combos into breads. For one thing, bread tends to dilute the flavors somehow, on top of that some ingredients may not play well with flour and yeast in the dough. This one is a winner though. Black bean really adds great flavor, as well as makes the crumb very moist. The amount of chipotle pepper and other spices are just right, noticable but not overwhelming.

The crumb is moist and reasonably open, begging for some guacamole or sour cream

I like how the "crown" shape turned out. I must've cracked the top surface accidentally during shaping, which caused some cracks in addition to my scoring mark, but it still looks good.

Here's my made-shift proofing basket, I put the dough inside bottom side up

I basically just halved the recipe in BBA, use black bean cooking liquid instead of water, add porportional amount of black beans and other spices. Gotta say I am not a fan of the sourdough procedure in BBA, it requires making a firm starter the night before, babysitting it until double (4+ hours), putting it in fridge, taking it out the next day for at least one hour to warm, then mixing into the main dough. Much more touble than making a firm starter then leaving it at room temperature for 12 to 16 hours like in other books, or just using the 100% starter directly like what I usually do. 



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hey, you just inspired me to soak some black beans. Don't know whether they'll go into a bread or just a bean spread, but anyway, thanks for reminding me of the black beans in my pantry.

Your bread is a beauty.


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I love the look and the ingredients sound intriguing. You stenciled Cha loaf was also a beauty!


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I tried the chipotle bean bread with no oven lift. I'm not sure why but I have suspicion about it. When you cook the beans do you salt them near the end of cooking with the amount of salt you use when serving them as a side dish. I did and then added the amount of salt called for in the bread recipe.

The Mark Miller recipe call for 2 and 1/2 cups starter, Do you have a weight numberthat you used.

 My challenge is to try to make bread half as good looking as yours.

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1. I didn't salt the black beans, I used salt in the bread dough obviously, but the black bean paste was unsalted

2.The process I used was the BBA basic sourdough, which makes a firm starter from a liquid one, here's the way I did it, quite different from the original:

- first night

100% starter, 2oz

bread flour, 2.25oz


1.mix everything into a dough, rise at room temperature for about 4 hours until double, put in fridge overnight.


- second day

all firm starter

uncooked blackbean, 8oz, (soaked overnight for easy cooking)

blackbean liquid from cooking, 7oz

chipotle, 4

oregano, 0.5tsp

cumin, 0.5tsp

salt, 1.25tsp

BBQ sauce, 2tsp

bread flour, 8oz

ww flour, 2.2oz


1. cook blean bean, mash, cool, reserve cooking liquid.

2. take firm starter out of fridge for an hour before mixing dough

3. mix dough, autolyse for 30min, knead until gluten start to form

4. bulk rise for 4 hours, wiht S&F at 1, 2, 3 hour

5, shape and proof (mine did for 100min)

6, bake with steam at 450F for appropriate time.

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Well, as a Brazilian, you can imagine I am VERY interested in this bread...  I cook black beans once a month or so.


Just to make sure I understand this correctly:  you do not soak the beans overnight before cooking them, correct?   I usually cook my beans in a pressure cooker, but they still get soaked in water overnight before that.

Gorgeous bread, I loved the improvised "couche" to make the ring


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I did soak them overnight before cooking. I don't have a pressure cooker, so I want to make sure they are cooked right in time, I don't think it's important how you cook them, just make sure they are soft but not too mushy, drain well, and cool them in time for making the dough.


I read somewhere that cooked bean stored in fridged might have stuff growing inside that would affect fermentation, so I try to always use freshly cooked beans. Very possible that it doesn't matter, but better safe than sorry...

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I will be reporting back when I try this recipe...


gosh, I have a gazzilion breads to make on my never ending list!  :-)

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i realise this is very old but just come across it. would it be possible to use a portion of black bean flour instead of the actual black beans? i have a terrible habit of buying flour if i come across something different even if i have no idea how to use it. the black bean flour i have is one of these, cant find any use for it!