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Continued experiments with NYT and southern mexico temps

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Continued experiments with NYT and southern mexico temps

This last batch of the NYT bread has worked out wonderfully for me. Kitchen temp a brisk 26C.

I used 3 cups AP flour and 1 cup WW.

1 1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp yeast

1 7/8 cups of room temp water.

Mixed as per the video,then into oiled bowl and covered with plastic and refrigerated 24 hours. 

Removed from fridge and brought to room temp for three hours.  

Folded twice at 1.5 hour intervals., after the above 3 hour climatizing.

Preheat the oven to 550F. Place dough onto cormeal covered baking sheet (non stick). Minimal shaping. Bake for 15 minutes, brush with melted butter. Return to oven bake another 10 at 450 F and then 20 minutes at 350F. Remove to rack and cool before cutting.

The bottom crust was crunchy and wonderful. The top crust was the best browining I have had in awhile due to butter, and temperatures that I am able to get now in my oven since the gas people removed a blockage. Previously 425F was the best I could hope for, and that was unstable and did not last. The oven spring was great.

The bread was full of holes and reminded me of a crumpet taste and texture.

Ramona, my husband and myself really enjoyed this version and will continue to make it. I found the ration of WW and white to be perfect . 


 Hasta luego..


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OOPs forgot to add, when the dough was finally out of the fridge, to raise to room temp, I changed bowls, greased it, and covered it with a damp towel instead of the plastic that it had in the fridge.