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Soggy Bagels

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Soggy Bagels

Well I tried the Bagel recipe, and they flopped. Big time. :(


I use spelt flour so I already know that it alters the breads texture.

I think the dough was too wet. The recipe said that the dough will be stiff, but mine was wetter than normal dough. The bagels also didnt cook well.  Even after they had cooled they were very moist and even uncooked in some places. :(  Thats what makes me think the dough was too wet.  I am determined to try again and again until I get them right! Next time with more flour or less water.


I am going to do the lesons.

I am not very experienced with Bread baking but I am great in the kitchen, so doing the lessons will be good for me.  I am looking forward to the time when I make a great Sourdough loaf-and bagels that look like bagels.


back to the drawing board :)


Its fun learning though :) 


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Hi..started baking bread the beginning of this year and now feel very confident that I can bake decent artisan bread, bagels, english muffins. I think I had a death wish by starting with sourdough!I made many tasty, but unsightly loaves. Eventually, with the guidance here, I succeeded. I will say the turning point for me was when I finally learned how the dough should feel when kneaded sufficiently...from then on I've been very happy with my results. Good luck and keep us posted!

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Hi :)


I hope I lean alot from this site. It seems wonderful and I am hearing up for lesson 1.

I work with spelt flour which does contain gluten, but its structure is very delicate and doesnt work life wheat gluten. :S  So I think I am in for many more failures than successes. Especially when working with yeast.  It makes great Soda bread! lol.


I  may have to go back to wheat flour yet.


I am glad the lessons have made you confident in baking all those wonderful yummy breads. I hope I get there too :)



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Welcome aboard. I have to say that so far every poster I have met here is polite, respectful, and helpful. And our host Floydm is a great person for creating this resource!



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Hello and welcome.

 I have found this site to be very useful and the recipes tht I fhave done "as is" have worked out wonderfully..

The flours that I have available are only WW and I can get myself into less trouble...

Good luck with future baking..

Regards from southern Mexico