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Food Processor Recommendations

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Steve H

Food Processor Recommendations

Anyone have any insight into the food processor world?  I am looking to get a larger one (14 cups or so) and of course the internet tells me to either get a KitchenAid or Cuisinart LE.  I want something to quicken up some tasks in the kitchen as I start shopping more on the outer aisles of the grocery store (fresh soups, salsas, etc.)  So far I think the best one I have come across is the Cuisinart LE, which seems to be a pretty formidable machine, as specified.  But of course the internet would tell me to get a Kitchenaid when there are better alternatives out there as well.


Any thoughts?

This is the one that is in the lead right now:

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I have a Kitchen Aid food processor and really like it. I had two Cuisinart's before that and enjoyed them but both the containers came apart until it was unusable.

I liked the Cuisinart's features like a larger food tunnel, no splash/spill top, more grates in the grater blade, and it scrapes all the way at the bottom. Obviously, the Kitchen Aid does not do these as well but the reviews were outstanding and I'm hoping the container will stay together for a long time.

IF they have fixed the container then I would choose the Cuisinart also. IF NOT, then no matter how well it runs, if the container does not hold up it's of no use.

You'll love either processor you get. :)

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Keep in mind that KitchenAid is a bit insincere with their sizing, KA processor usually can handle about half of advertised volume.  It's not unlike their flour capacity measures.  That being said I'm not at all certain that CuisinArt is any better.  I myself have a KA, and I like it just fine, but before that I had a Hamilton Beach which was just as good but cost about 5 times less.

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And we're looking at the KitchenAid with the smaller bowl insert.  The Braun has worked beautifully, mind you, up to about a month ago when the pulse button died.

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I have a cuisinart not the largest but the next one down. Can't remember anymore. I love it. It is quick and easy. Easy to use and easy to tear down and clean. I put it through hell the first few years I got. I used it for bread kneading and any and every food I could imagine running through it. Sometimes the stuff I put in it gummed up and it didn't want to run. What a mess. Quite a few times.

I have a garden and have had for quite a few years and processing the veggies put it through it's paces. The year I broke my arm it saw a lot of use. Too hard to cook and clean. Just wash and process and drink and chew. My juicer was a lot harder to manage and I gave that up real quick.

It has the largest tube feed of any, I wish it was higher so a taller piece of food could go in. I bought an extra work bowl and blade at a rummage sale and was sorry I didn't get another one years ago. Having to bowls and blades sure helps you move the food through. 

I also have a smaller one that has a citrus juicer which I love. It processes slices and grates like a salad shooter which is nice because you can do a lot without washing out the bowl.  That is a neat trick. But the bowl is two small to be usefull. If I ever need to buy another one I would buy one larger. The 14 cup. The larger ones can so a small amt but the smaller ones can't do a larger amt. easily.

Mine does not have buttons it has the toggle switch. Pulse and on.


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Steve H

Thank you, everyone for your thoughts.  I ended up going for the Limited Edition 14 cup one, due to the powerful motor and all metal construction.  With my new set of cutlery, I am hoping to motivate/impel myself to use more fresh foods in my cooking, for health reasons.  And the sooner I can get back to baking some serious sourdoughs!