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BBA & Crust and Crumb question

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BBA & Crust and Crumb question

I recently ordered both BBA and Crust and Crumb. I haven't received them yet. I guess I should have asked this question before ordering them. Anyway, my question is whether these 2 books are similar. Does anyone have both of these books and if so, are they similar? I definitely want BBA but was wondering if crust and crumb is to close to BBA, and if so, I would assume it would be better to get a different book instead. Thank you


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I've read both books and they are similar. There's no harm in having both, but BBA is definitely the more polished of the two. There were a few recipes in C and C that I really liked, such as the multigrain and the levain.

If you're looking for an alternate companion to BBA I would suggested Bread Alone.




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My impression has been that Peter went from an all yeast approach in the Brother Juniper days to discovering and falling in love with sourdough around the time he wrote C&C. By the time he wrote BBA he'd scaled back and developed a more balanced approach that included both wild yeast leavens and commercial yeast (typically using a preferment).

BBA is definitely the more accessible of the two. I have to admit though, over time C&C has grown on me more.