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Having trouble with oven..

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Having trouble with oven..

Hey All,


Just found this site today and have to say I'm very impressed!


I was wondering if someone here could answer a question for me.

I bought a new home. The home came with a brand new stove/oven.

It is a Frigidaire electric oven.

And I have to say I HATE it.. It does not cook evenly, DOES NOT brown most of the time, and does not cook in the time it says directions should.

I NEVER EVER had a issues baking cakes before, but with this oven, NONE of my cakes turn out! It's VERY frustrating to say the least :(

I don't know what to do.. I have no idea why a brand new oven does not cook food good.

Like the recipe I have used SOO many times for cakes.. most are like 40 mins in oven.. WELL when baked in this oven they are having to be cooked over 1 hour, sometimes like 1 hour 20 mins to get done and then by then the thing tastes like crap.

I just don't get it.

Please help/advise would be awesome!

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Get an oven thermometer, or 3. They are not that expensive, and check your oven. The temp printed on the knob does not necessarily correspond to the temp in your oven.

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The Roadside Pi...

The first thing I would do is check the oven temp with a probe type therm. put the probe in the oven and see how long it takes to get up to temp if it does at all. If you find any discrepancies in the set temp & the probe temp. Call for service right away. There could be many reasons why the oven is not preforming well. One could be that it is wired wrong and only getting 110 volts when it should be getting 220volts. In any case if its the oven the manufacturer will fix it if its something else you will be aware & call the party responsible for the repair. good luck



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If the manual didn't come with the house purchase, download one from the Internet.

Just about every new oven can be calibrated, so once you determine the true temperature with your oven thermometers (use at least two), the manual should tell you how to calibrate the oven.

Further, since it's a new home purchase with new appliances, your warranty should be in place in the event it is a mechanical problem.

Out of curiosity, have you always cooked with an electric stove?

Good luck.


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thanks I will look @ manual and get an oven thermometer.

Not always,but for the last 9 years I have.

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If you don't have the manual and know the model number of your oven:

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Your oven needs to be calibrated by Frigidaire; a pain for sure and probably expensive, especially for someone who's just bought a home, but it'll be worth it in the end.  Perhaps the previous owners left the warranty information.  Maybe the kitchen equipment is still under warranty if you're lucky and it won't cost a dime.

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Good grief, manufacturers need not make house calls to calibrate relatively new ovens.  Technology is constantly improving and oven temperature calibration can easily be done by the homeowner.

The manual for my own Whirlpool, which will be two years old come January, has specific instructions on how to calibrate the temperature.

No degree in rocket science needed - just the ability to push and hold a button.

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actually it is a brand new home, we are the only owners lol I guess I can call our builder? We have a 1-5-10 warrenty  and only moved in July.

Anyhow I will take a look into it.. THANKS!!