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Sourdough Seed Bread

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Sourdough Seed Bread

When my sister-in-law invited me up to NY for Thanksgiving diner for family and friends...I thought to myself...oh S--- I am going to get stuck in traffic for hours...and then she said and bring one of your breads. first thought was to make the very festive two tier Celebration Loaf with nuts and cranberries. It would make a nice centerpiece for the table and be very festive. When I thought it out....I needed a bread I could retard overnight and throw in the oven first thing in the morning so I could leave before noon on Wednesday to run the gauntlet to the city. Since I had only one chance to get it right... the bread had to be reliable, stay fresh for a few days and make a good a sandwich. The choice was a real no brainer..... Hamelman's Sourdough Seed Bread....the tastiest, most reliable bread you ever want to make. If you have never made this bread must try will become your favorite too...

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Very nice...Talk about crust and crumb..if only we could taste!


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For a closet baker, your bread is stunning!  Thank you for sharing with us. 

Did you follow Hamelman's procedure word by word?  What do you think was the main factor contributing to your open crumb?

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Thanks...I have been looking at your incredible breads...omg...

The only change in procedure was the retarding...I usually put it straight in the frig...this time I wanted to speed things I was going to leave it out for an hour but actually turned out more like an  1 1/2 hours... I fell asleep...I woke up in a stupper and ran to the kitchen half asleep...grabbed the baskets in there plastic bag...and dropped them...i had to cut them apart...LOL...I make this bread a lot...and I must say that the extra time proofing (in oven) at 75* helped open the crumb...



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awesome bread!

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I was just looking at this recipe in the book last night and thinking I might give it a try. Your post assures me it will happen soon.

Great looking loaves.

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you should give it a try...nice bread to work with...


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Beautiful slashes!  Thanks for sharing the photos! 


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Gorgeous! One of those must-try.  One of these days.