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genoese with coffee butter cream

6 eggs
1 cup A P flour sifted
1/2 cup salted butter melted but not hot, Note 1
1 cup sugar.
Place the mixer bowl in the sink over very hot water,
add the sugar swish it round a bit to warm contents of bowl,but do
not let the eggs cook to the sides of the now hot bowl.
Then whisk about 8 minutes until the eggs and sugar look like
thick pale custard, and the whisk leaves a trail when moved.
Remove whisk and gently FOLD in part of the flour and the part of
the butter, continue same with the remaining egg mix, until well
blended and the mixture has NOT gone flat.Note 2
Pour the batter into whatever size pan/s you prefer, that are
buttered and lined on the bottom. Bake at 365 until cake springs
back when touched, about 20/25 minutes.
Cool on rack, fill or sandwich with what you prefer. My coffee
butter cream was 6 ounces salted butter and about 8 tablespoons
icing sugar and 2 tablespoons extremely strong coffee.
Note 1. I do not add salt to my recipe as I always use salted butter.
Note 2, if your batter goes flat because you added the butter and
flour too fast or you didn't fold it in, there is nothing you can
do, other than add some milk a little more flour and make