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Thanksgiving bread Bounty

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Thanksgiving bread Bounty

Here is what I've baked last night and this morning to take to our family dinner at my brother's home later today. Dinner rolls, sourdough no-knead bread, Italian herb no-knead bread and cinnamon sticky buns. I hope they are all hungry. LOL

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That sure looks good.  I wish I had one of those sticky buns right this instant.

Where did you get the plastic bags the dinner rolls are in?  What size are they?

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Fortunately for me, I acquired an open box of bags with more than 500 bags for free while cleaning out a closed church kitchen. The bags were sealed and stored in a cabinet, and apparently the group who cleared their sausage making equipment out of the kitchen, either didn't want the bags or did not know they were in teh cabinet. These are very heavy duty at 2 mils, but for normal bread storage anything between .7 mils and 1.0 mils is just fine.  These are 8" x 4" x 18" gusseted poly bags, and if you Google "clear poly bags 8x4x18 gusseted" you will get dozens of online sellers of poly bags. Check lots of sellers, because the prices are all over the board as well as shipping charges. I would suggest that you contact a local restaurant supply to see about buying locally to save the shipping charges. Most of my bags are purchased from suppliers in the Cleveland Ohio area. You can also check with local bakeries or grocery stores to see if they will sell you smaller quantities. Most poly bags are sold in boxes of 1,000 bags. 18" bags will accomodate loaves up to about 15" in length, which covers a standard free-form loaf of Italian bread. Loaves baked in 9" pans only need bags 15" long.

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Your family is so lucky to have you as a TG guest!  Those all look delicious!

The bags caught my eye, too, now that I am gearing up for some holiday baking for friends.  Thanks for all the info on where to find them.

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King Arthur and Breadtopia also sell those bread storage bags.  I think maybe even Pleasant Hill Grain also does.