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Pain Au Levain Aux Et Raisin

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Pain Au Levain Aux Et Raisin

This is my first attempt to post a blog. I have been baking bread and looking at the site for many it goes.

I try to make a bread at least once a week especially when the weather is agreeable. I was looking for a bread to make over the week-end and saw the Cherry Pecan sour dough recipe posted by Mountaindog....and thought...that will work! I did tweak the formula a bit, I used 35% white whole wheat, 5% rye and increased the hydration to 73%. (my flour tends to be thirsty). It was not fussy at all and had a nice oven spring. Next time I might try leaving out the ww and up the rye.

I like a bold bake......

That was touch and go tring to get the photos in....

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Very nice looking bread. Good to see your work.


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They look delicious.  Let us hear from you more often.

Susan from San Diego

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I love it that you put in some white whole wheat (I always try to sneak some in, pretty much everywhere). Are these pecans as in the original recipe or pistacchios? The bread really came out gorgeous. I love the symetry in the crumb picture.

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Susan.... Look for me....

MC....I have been in the mood for walnut raisin bread for a long many little time....

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Beautiful bread!  It looks delicious

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Good work Captain!