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KA Hobart K5 - Found Used for $120, Worth it?

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KA Hobart K5 - Found Used for $120, Worth it?

Much like the title implies, I have found a classic, working, well kept KA Hobart K5 with the norm; Dough Hook, Wire Wisk, Beater and Stainless 5qt Mixing bowl. I am wondering if this model for this price is worth my time and effort? I currently do not have a mixer, am doing fine with out for bread, but for baking pastries, I'd love one.

Anyone have experience with the classic KA Hobart models or know anything about them. I am clueless when it comes to older KA/Hobarts. Would it be able to mix my 1.5 to 2 lb doughs fine? I imagine it has metal workings on the inside, correct?

Thanks in advance : )


TFL is always a great place for answers : )


By the way, it's this or a refurb KA Pro 600.

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For me there is not any question between a Hobart made KA and the newer models, IF the Hobart is in good shape I would definitely get that.  I do not know where you are but $120 seems a bit high unless you are in NYC, Alaska, or Hawaii or the mixer is in like new condition.

That's my 2 cents,  Jeff

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I brought my KA with Hobart motor in 1987 and it is still running good. No problem with the mixer and the motor never heat up. I bake bread every week plus muffins, cake and cookies.