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No Knead Bread in La Cloche in The Big Green Egg

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Ross in Ventura

No Knead Bread in La Cloche in The Big Green Egg

Dough after 18-hr rise

In a bowl with Wheat Brand

La Cloche heating up to 500*

Dough in the heated La Cloche


After 30-min. top off for the next 15-min at 450*

Pulled at 45-min 205* internal

This was some darn good bread



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WOW!! If it tasted ANYTHING like it did an AWESOME job!!! What is your cloche in?? From the pics it appears to be an ourdoor grill....IS IT?? We have an ourdoor gas grill with an oven and I have thought about trying it out....a little scared too though....I have also thought of getting a La Cloche....but am really not sure about how to use it. I know.....I SHOULD be fearless!! But I had such a hard time adjusting my baking to South Florida......I had SO many loaves that even the Ducks wouldn't eat....that I hesitate to change much!!!
Beautiful loaf!!

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Ross in Ventura

Thanks, its A Big Green Egg



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Nice looking bread in the Egg. I use my La Cloche bell on top of the stone with out the base. It makes loading just a little easier on a piece of parchment.

I'm wondering how much of the smoke and flavor of the charcoal heat source you taste in the bread? That would be a nice benefit of using the egg. There might be some flavorings that would be enhanced by the process. Onions, bacon, cheese maybe. Interesting.

Thanks for sharing, hope to see more.


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From SCA

No need for an expensive La Cloche - terra cotta pottery from your local garden center works well too.

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Ross --

Thanks for posting the pics.  I use La Cloche when baking indoors, but when baking in the Egg [which I do all winter long, despite cold, ice and snow!], I just put my dough on the pizza stone.

I used to bake no-knead, and yes -- it was pretty good stuff.  But slight adaptations to Peter Reinhart's recipes have made my Egged bread splendiferous.  I'm regularly baking for banquets of up to 300.

Enjoy your BreadEgging this winter!

Broc [BGE Forum]


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Ross in Ventura


Well you share the recipe

Ross in Ventura [BGE Forum]

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Of course --


Anyone wanting my adapted recipes for

  • Basic French Bread
  • Country-Style French Bread
  • Challah Bread

Simply send me an email --


broc4brockway at yahoo dot com


~ Broc