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electrolux dlx vs viking

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electrolux dlx vs viking

i'm about to by myself a mixer after years of only hand kneeding, and have narrowed my decision down to choosing between the electrolux dlx assistant (formerly magic mill) and the Viking Professional. I'm able to get the Viking mixer in my local shop, but I've heard such great things about the electrolux. I will bake a fair deal of heavy rye bread, which mixer is best suited for this? also does anyone living in vancouver know if there's a place to get hold of the electrolux dlx in town? if not, how about seattle?



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 In my opinion you don't have a choice, it's the DLX,      ;-))) qahtan    

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DLX is bulletproof. Never used the Viking however.


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I would agree with the others in the DLX. I also like the Bosch Universal though. Either of these two would probably work best for what you are looking for.