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Sourdough in the tropcis??

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Sourdough in the tropcis??

Well the sourdough is now into the fridge for the next phase of folding every hour for the next four or five hours. I will then leave it overnight on the lower shelf inthe fridge.

It seems like a surprisingly small loaf given all of the work on the starter..which began last Thursday. I have put the remainder into the fridge after feeding and will use it again next week, should this loaf work....if not, I am going back to tried and true recipes...and the trusty cottage loaf from the weekend.

For the most part, I have followed egullets sourdough directions. Sourdough seems to be one of the more complicated, many version type of baking out there. I have read about concorde grapes, pineapple juice and so many things wtih regards to this bread that I am a bit confused. I am buying a book in Canada in december, and am leaning towards the BBA.

I took some pictures of my starter, but do not think you can see anything due to the flash...I will have to work on that.


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I began with SourDoLady's starter and it took patience to learn the nuances of sourdough. This journey began the beginning of the year and I can say with confidence that I can bake a great loaf of sourdough..thanks to SourDoLady, the great bakers on this site and BBA. I won't even try to suggest how you would handle a sourdough starter in the tropics..temperature, humidity, difference in flours..but I can say with all honesty..PATIENCE IS THE KEY..if you are willing to take the time, ask questions..I'm sure you can temper your starter to the climate, learn it's limits and bake great sourdough. Of course, I may be all wet..but I am sure SourDoLady will give you the guidance that you need, if you ask. Good Luck!

Which makes me wonder how much high humidity changes hydration percentages? It must have some effect, right?