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Adding Oatmeal to a Recipe - Reduce amount of flour?

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Adding Oatmeal to a Recipe - Reduce amount of flour?

I recently made a loaf of farm style white with cardamom that had an unbelievable crumb and moisture.  I over did it with the cardamom but it tasted great toasted with butter and cinnamon sugar.

I decided the texture would be great for cinnamon raisin bread.  However, I want to ad some oatmeal to it.  This is how I plan to modify the recipe below:

Add 4 cups of soaked raisins
Substitute 4T of cinnamon for the cardamom
Add 300 g (dry weight) of soaked oatmeal
Reduce flour by XXX grams??

How much flour should I remove?  Any other modifications required?

Below is the recipe I intend to use.

4 c boiling water
1-2/3 c instant nonfat milk
4 T butter
1 T salt
1 c sugar
1/2 c warm water
2 T yeast
Pinch of sugar
10 Cardamom pods (I used 1.5 tsp)
12 c AP flour

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When I sub oatmeal, and I do it a lot in sandwich bread, I got by volume not weight.  That is just how I make my sandwich bread.  And I sub one to one flour to rolled oats.  So in my sandwich bread, I add 2 c of oatmeal and 14 c flour instead of 16 c flour.  I suppose you could weigh a c of flour and a c of oatmeal and go from there.

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This is from way back when I was trying oatmeal bread, large flake organic oats.

 Fist time I milled the oats, couldn't tell the oats were in the bread, next time I soaked the oats, again not much.

 Third time I used rhe oats as is, this did give a little texrure but not much flavour, I used 3 cups oats swapped for 3 cups flour.

BTW you know that yeast and cinnamon do not like each other in dough. ;-))) qahtan


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Qahtan, your oatmeal bread has become our favourite sandwich bread - I think I've made it more times than any other recipe! Thank you again.


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 Good. I am glad you enjoy it..... thank you.

The worst part of my recipes is now I had a computer problem and have lost a lot of my photo's and recipes so now it's more or less start over or what I can remember...  never mind......  qahtan 

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I made it without the oatmeal but will add it next time.

Yes, I did hear cinnamon and yeast don;t work well together although it did rise after a while.

Loves came out with great texture and crumb...taste was a little flat.  I though it would have been more since I let it sit overnight in the refrigerator then let it proof on the counter for 4 hours.