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Even in France

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Even in France

Would you believe it? France too succumbs.

"The decline of French bread over the past few decades is one of the saddest aspects of the ransom paid to progress, and much of the blame must simply go to good old greed."

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but you quote an article from 1995. Don't think anything has really changed this then. I believe I found a great book on the history of bread in France, still have to order that (don't have the link at hand).


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I think the book to which you refer is Good Bread is Back and, yes, as the title suggests, Kaplan believes that the newer crop of baker's is recovering some of the pre-WWII techniques that produce a much better loaf of bread.  His outlook is hopeful, if I recall correctly.

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Interesting that the author would compare a bread type with a yeast type. Several of us have found that the best of all worlds is a sourdough Baguette.

I understand what he was getting at but in suggesting the Poilane Boule is the best French bread. Perhaps he has identified the reason the modern Baguette is not as good as it used to be.