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Baking Followin Overnight Fridge Proofing???????

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Baking Followin Overnight Fridge Proofing???????


Has anyone ever taken a loaf out of the FRIDGE after it was proofed overnight and put it directly in a preheated oven WITHOUT bringing it back to room temperature? If so, what were the results? Any additional comments or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot


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Less oven spring.

If it comes out of the fridge full risen then you should be in good shape. But if it isn't risen fully yet, it isn't likely to in the oven. That is why some folks let it rise for half an hour or so before putting it in the fridge: you want it pause the rising just before the rise has maxed out. If not, you want to let it finish rising after it comes out of the fridge.

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By far, I've found the best way to see whether something is ready is to poke a wet finger into the dough about 1/2 inch deep. If it springs back and then starts to fill in, it's still got some rise in it. If it stays indented or comes back very slowly, it's ready. If you feel air pockets popping as you press (what some people call "sighing") you let it go too long.

So try the finger test when it comes out of the fridge. If it's ready, pop it in the oven. If not, let it warm up a bit.