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Simple Sourdough (9/09)

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Simple Sourdough (9/09)

50g firm starter, 204g water, 275g high gluten flour, 25g white whole wheat flour, 6g salt.  All mixed minimally by hand, rested for 30 minutes, one Stretch & Fold, two more S&Fs at 1-hour intervals, let rise to double.  Kept the dough temperature in mid-70'sF.  Pre-shaped, rested 15 minutes, shaped, then plopped into linen-lined colander.  Put in plastic bag, then into fridge for overnight.  Out of fridge for 2 hours before scoring, then baked at 450F for 20 minutes covered followed by 20 minutes uncovered.


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Do you feed your starter before using it? Do you add warm water to flour? Do you spray the loaves with lukewarm water before baking it?

Love your bread. I am thinking to use it as soup bowl.




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Simple Sourdough

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Mini Oven

is a keeper.  :)