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Two happy loaves

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Two happy loaves

Hi all,

Through reading the messages on using leftover starter, I found one that I'd like to try out: cranberry loaf from Mike's  I followed the recipe (minus the cocoa powder as my hubby can't take a chocolate sourdough!), applied Bertinet's method of dough kneading and folding, retarded a couple hours, and baked.  This bread is delicious!  It goes particularly well with the smoked turkey that my hubby made on the bbq, and a few slices of homegrown tomatoes and homemade mayo.


The skin looks a bit dark as I used brown rice flour to flour the liner.

A couple days before, I made a straight forward sourdough based on the recipe from the book "Crust: bread to get your teeth into" by Richard Bertinet.  The bread was over baked a bit (I usually stand by the oven when the bread is approaching the finish line, but not this time), but the texture and the flavour are great.


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They both look very nice.  Must be delicious!

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I have made the bertinet sourdough a couple of times... yours looks great... I can imagine exactly how good that is gonna taste.




ps. I think it looks perfectly baked too... not overdone.