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Kenwood Chef -vs- Vintage K45

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Kenwood Chef -vs- Vintage K45

My old Mixmaster finally bit the bucket. It has made a lot of bread and cookies over the years but it was never what I would consider "Heavy Duty"

So I am looking on ebay for something to replace it. There are several vintage kitchen aid mixers listed. I have read about the problems with the newer kitchen aid mixers not being what the old Hobart built ones were so I am limiting my search to "Hobart Kitchen Aid" 

Then I came across a listing for the Kenwood Chef A702 w/450watt motor. I did some research and it looks like a solid built machine.

I usually bake 2 loaves at a time, as well as double batches of cookies.

Anyone with experience with either of these please comment.

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I like Kenwood machines, as they have been built to a high standard and are very reliable. My wife got one for her 21st birthday and it's still perfect (except that I never quite clean it to her satisfaction.) I won't tell you how long ago that was, but we've been married for 17 years, and she was 34 when we started . . .  uh-oh!

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Ermm... Add 6, carry the 5... 2+7346(K-7) where k+ q... No wait. Ermmm, If pie is 3.141 and I bake 2 then... Wait, what was the question again!  ;-)

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The company I mentioned above seems to ship worldwide. I suggest you see if the cost of shipping spares from the UK to CA would be economical. Maybe Rockyrd could help on this. One word of warning, be sure that you check the working voltage of any motors you buy are 110V US models, not 240V European.

As a UK resident I have no knowledge of US parts distributors. As you probably know, the UK firm of Kenwood Limited has no connection with the US Hi-Fi firm of the same name. It is now owned by DeLongh.