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Choosing a grain mill

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Choosing a grain mill



I'm new! This seems like a great forum so I'm looking forward to being here.


I'm about to buy a grain mill.

I've looked at an attachment for my Kenwood Chef (I'm in the UK) or a Hawos Billy 100 or a Whispermill.

Obviously the prices vary and for financial reasons I'm thinking about getting the Kenwood Chef attachment. 


Does anyone have any thoughts please?


Thank you 

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HI there,


I am also new to this site and intersted in buying a mill...hope someone answers your question!!!


Good luck 

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Just to update, I decided in the end to buy a dedicated grain mill and I love it!

I'm so glad I bought it and would really recommend one. I chose a Waldner one which crushes the grain instead of 'exploding' it like the Whispermill does.