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Planetary mixers and heavy dough

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Planetary mixers and heavy dough

I've had a couple 5 and 6 quart home mixers over the years and have had mixed luck making bread.  I make bread most every day, about 5 pounds of dough total at about 50% hydration using mostly high gluten pizza flour and grinding in some wheat flour.  I also make pasta dough from time to time with semolina which makes a heavy doughball.


My question is would I have better luck with a bosch or electrolux or different design mixer?  It seems like the dough mixing puts a strain on the internals of the kitchenaid type mixers and they tend to break or overheat, which gets old.


I just want to make my bread every morning and be done with it, I was hoping to avoid doing it by hand every day because I have 10 million othe things going on in the morning around here and it's a fairly big dough ball.

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Hi there,

I'm the broken record and one of the few ardent supporters of the Cuisinart 7 quart, 1000 watt. I make bread multiple times each week, not generally as heavy as yours, but have done loads such as you describe and this machine walks right through it. All my dough, save maybe 1 of every 20 batches, uses copious amounts of whole grain flour. No overheating, kneads for 15 minutes without issue, definitely none of the oil leaking and other stuff I've heard (while I did have that happen with KAs that I've owned, along with fire shooting out). 


My .02. 




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I guess my main interest is the different design of the bosch/electrolux and if that contributes to better durability.


Also, I'm starting to think more water might be needed for my formulation.  The bread is fine, but I'm sure it could be a lot better.