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Baking in a gas grill?

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Baking in a gas grill?

I know it sounds kinda nutty, but how might a loaf of bread baked in an outdoor gas grill (lid down, of course) turn out? Would it taste strange? Would it bake properly?  If it is possible, what are some tips for success?

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this thread shows some nice pics though, just search grills in the search button

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You will get uneven results.  I tested baking on a quarry stone in a ss gas grill.

The bread didn't have proper spring and the bread browned more on one side than the other.  The grill does not hold heat well and to bake I must use indirect heat.  The bread was darker on one side-side near active burners.  

Baking pizza works with a quarry tile.  The preheated tile retains heat and a pizza is very flat thus doesn't have the same requirements as bread.

I plan to do some serious baking in my Kamado.  See Pizza & Breads.



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I have a stone designed for use in the grill, it's interesting.  After a time, the stone is say 700f and and grill is maybe 600, perfect for pizza, but once I open the grill all the heat wooshes off so it's maybe 350 in the gill.  The pizza cooks nicely on the hot stone but the heat in the grill doesn't build up so fast.


It works, but it's still a work in progress.