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WooHoo new Hobart

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WooHoo new Hobart

I finally took possession of a 15 L Hobart I purchased second hand 6 weeks ago.   Had to wait a while for it to be delived from 200 miles away and it arrived yesterday.

The first trial was a double batch of Jasons Corcodillo Quick Ciabatta which went very well.  The only puzzling aspect was how far to let the gluten develop in the mixer.  I think I under kneaded, but a few folds as it was rising seemed to help.   Like the recipe says, the oven spring is very good indeed.

A soft, holey crumb resulted and a bread that might need to be eaten the next day as its difficult to slice up !

Next time I'll try leaving it to bake longer to get the crust to dry out just a bit further.

I'm looking forward to trying out all those wet and slack dough recipies that are such a pain without a machine.


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Let's see what it looks like.


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Really, what else can be said? OOOOOOOH! *pokes the green monster*

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dude! pictures! planetary? spiral? vertical? awsome. more smallwares will surely follow!

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no pix.   Planetary? I think so.   Sprial?  no idea.  vertical? never heard of it.

It makes great dough thats the main thing isn't it ?  Today I tried a 24 cups of flour batch, I must weigh that and see what is is in kgs.

The slack dough ciabatta recipe worked great and the sandwich wholemeal loaves were very tasty thanks to an overnight cold retard.


I'm trying to cut down on yeast this time and a 36 hr retard then overnight proof should be great.  We'll see.