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Overproofed Loaf Example

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Overproofed Loaf Example

This little loaf is a perfect example of overproofing.  This is not a good thing.  Note the light color of the crust, the short stature, the spreading, and the more biscuit-like crumb.  I made a pizza with half the dough, and forgot the rest for a few hours.  A little bird told me to go ahead and bake it, but being hard-headed, I shaped it and put it in the fridge for the night.  You see the result.  My apologies to the little bird for not following her suggestion.

Susan from San Diego


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  I don't get discouraged like I used to. Even though the boo boo's usually happen with company on the way. It's no big deal ....the chickens applaud my mistakes more that celebrate my victories!


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Hi, Susan.

That looks similar to, but significantly better than, all my sourdough breads before I found TFL. I would have been pretty pleased with that one, as a matter of fact.


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Just Loafin

I did the exact same thing yesterday with 2 boules of your Ultimate Sourdough. I'm up the coast in Long Beach, and this increase in temperatures sure had me fooled. It's amazing how 8-10 degrees can affect your proofing times! The bread eats great, but looks like a discus leftover from the Olympic games! ; D

I'll try and get a pic for the Hall of Shame here.... = )

- Keith

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Just Loafin

And here we go...

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Usually when I overproof a loaf that is a batard, it sinks in the middle and uplifts slightly on its ends making it resemble a banana. It took me a while to realize that I was over-proofing many loaves. Now I try to err on the other side and that is working out pretty well. An under-proofed loaf is more forgiving.


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I don't know if I can get over your boo-boo---------but send the loaf to me and I'll try.

Those blisters are wonderful but how do you do that?

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Audra, I agree.  There's always another loaf to be made.  A neighbor just dropped in for tea, and when she saw the loaf asked if she could have it, 'cause she likes way-sour bread.  I made her promise not to tell any of the other neighbors about it.

David, I would have been pleased with it in the past, too.

Keith, my loaf is glad to know it has relatives.  Thanks for sharing.

Pamela, I concur.  I like the drama of underproofed, blown-out loaves!

And Mr. Blackbird:  Common knowledge says that retarding your loaves leads to bubbles.  Don't you just love 'em?  I do.  My neighbor said, "Nah nah nah, I have Susan's sour flat loaf and Blackbird doesn't."  Uh, the early bird catches the worm, so to speak.


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Hi Susan

Thank you so much for showing the example.  I've been trying to make your "Ultimate Sourdough" but gave up after the 3rd try of achieving this "example bread".  Now I've been disclosed the clue, I can retry!!!

Thank you once again, Enid

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Mini Oven

By the way, mine came out flat too.  Just not enough power in the starter yet.  The critters won't get my rye though.  Nope, nada, never!


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So I can't share a photo.  Not sure if it was overproofing, or a tired starter, or because Mars wasn't aligned perfectly with Venus.  

It still tasted good.



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I bet the flavor is just as good!