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Helping with buying second hand oven

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Helping with buying second hand oven

Hello everyone!

My oven is no longer heating above 350F so I'm trying to get another one...


I found a second hand "miele classic" oven (I don't know the model number) for a good price, BUT it is 7 years old.

Is 7 years is a long time for an oven? As far as I understand Miele is one of the best home oven makers, but maybe 7 years is a bit too much?


I was baking in my mother in law Miele oven and it was great... but maybe becuase it wasn't 7 years old?


Does someone has an experience with that?

Thanks a lot!


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There isn't any way anyone can console you on the advisability of this purchase.  You are correct that Miele is a good brand and if it works it's probably OK depending on the price. As long as you live in an area that sells them you should be able to get it serviced. Most people don't really use their ovens like some of us do. I'm wearing my oven out but I use it 4-5 times for bread every week. If the price is right I guess I would give a try.


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Just Loafin

My oven is a 1950's era Roper, which makes it 50+ years old, and it bakes surprisingly good. Have you had someone look at your oven? If it does not heat above 350°, I could almost assure you that it's the thermostat that's gone bad, and those are -generally- very cheap. If you otherwise liked your oven, I'd seriously consider getting it repaired. If you've been looking for an excuse to replace it, then that's another story = )

- Keith