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Ale & Chedder SD

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Ale & Chedder SD

Well, I was craving some SD and figured it was time to use my starter "bob" again. I have been using the tossed starter for waffles and english muffins. So I started a preferment from my starter with a Bass Ale last night and folded in the chedder this morning. One cup of the flour was whole wheat and the rest was white bread flour. The crust has a nice crispness to it. It has a great SD flavor and the ale taste is quite noticeable. Here is the result. I really like the taste of this loaf. Dave

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wow! that looks quite appetizing. it's weird, the only place where I've seen recipes using ale (or beer, etc.) was in an old bread machine recipe book. has anybody else tried baking with alcohol? does it only affect the taste?



good job,


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TeaIV, the "Almost No Knead Bread" uses some ale and 1T white vinegar - the Cook's Illustrated people came up with the recipe and claim it has better flavor than the original No Knead. I have made it several times and there is no taste of alcohol but it is good bread, A.

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I have used a variety of beer and ale in my sourdough breads and they taste wonderful plus the hops in them result in a very nice rise.  I have a recipe that uses Cherry Wheat Ale and dried sour cherries that is amazing.  I used them to make sourdough pancakes once and my husband could not stop eating the pancakes - and he does not drink.  A guy at work said he would buy bread from me but only if it had beer in it so I told him to bring me a bottle of his favorite.  He brought me some Fat Tire and I brought him a great loaf of multi-grain bread.  The cherry wheat ale is my favorite for making bread though.  You need to open the bottle and let the beer/ale go flat before using it at room temperature.  You just gotta try it and find out.

The cheddar in this one looks wonderful and here in New Mexico it just begs for roasted green chilies as well!

Melody in Santa Fe

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I think your right on with the addition of chilies. Thanks. Dave

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I have not tried using ale in my bread but the cheese sure looks darn good!

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Ale and Cheddar, mmm-hmmm. Good stuff! I have used only beer/ales in my breads, but they do add a very distinct subtle flavor. I'm retarding a dough tonight for onion cheese rolls that has Broken Halo IPA. I also have a herb and beer quick bread recipe that I love too.


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Well, since I made this to satisfy a craving I had to improvise. I based it on Jim Lahey's no-knead bread. I used SD starter plus yeast. And I doubled the recipe for 2 loaves. So...

5 cups bread flour, 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup barm (mine is 1/3/4, starter, water, flour), 1/2 tsp instant yeast, 2 tsp salt. Combine with 2 cups beer (bass ale), 1 cup water.

rest for 12 hours at room temp.

divide in 2. Grate 3 cups chedder and divide in 2 parts.

Stretch dough, cover with half of one part cheese. Fold.

rest 15 mins.

Stretch dough, cover with other half of one part cheese. Fold.

 Form into boules.

Let rise for 2 hours.

I baked in a preheated 450 oven in a cast iron dutch oven covered for 30 mins.

uncover and bake an additional 15 mins. Remove and cool 1 hour.

I know this is a hacked up recipe, but it worked for me :) Good luck.