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Chico, California loves food

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Chico, California loves food

If you're in town, or near it there are two places not to miss:

Breakfast at The Upper Crust is to die for.  It's a little pastry and coffee shop.  They sell artisan knick-knack baked goods like danish strudel, crepes, coissants, quiches etc.  Their soup is also really good.  I hear the coffee is some of the best in town, but I don't drink it.

Lunch should surely be had at Celestino's Pizza.  There are two in town, but the only one worth going to is the one downtown across the street from California State University, Chico.  Their crust is some of the best I've ever had, and I lived for a while in Italy.  It's crisp and thin and chewy in the center.  They don't overload it with toppings.

Enjoy!  And of course, if you want straight bread, the Tin Roof Bakery is building a joint in town.  They used to only sell at the Farmer's Market, but they rock.