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Hi everyone this is my first ever blog and introductory blog to the fresh loaf
I am 58 years old
I did my apprnticeship as a baker at Noonans Bakery in South Perth Western Australia, worked for 10 years in the trade but got out due the pressures of anti social hours and a young family as well as big bakeries taking over the trade closing down the local bakery.

Worked for 21 years as a government bus driver but got out when the labour side was hived of to private enterprise, stayed as a government employee working for Tafe, currently a supply officer, buying all the colleges requirements.
At tafe we have a hospitality section and the students have a small bakery attached to the main kitchen, from time to time i have been able to assist some of the chef lecturers with my bread skills.
I was able to get our building trades lecturers to have their student build a wood fired oven in the training restaurants forecourt.
The project had all the element that were required for the building apprentices seting out the foundations raising walls, pouring a reinforced concrete raft laying fire bricks , constructing arches, chimney, pouring insulating material, constructing roofing etc.
we now have a wood fired oven that will cook pizza and holds around 18 500g loaves (5kg flour mix) it's marvelous everything i could have hoped for, lights easy bakes to perfection.
I really want one at home and it is on my list of to do things. i have always maintained an interest in bread baking and find it quite therapeutic.
I am really enjoying the fresh loaf since i founs it and will post some pics soon. YOZZA


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Hello and Welcome to TFL.  Your writeup is great and sounds like you really enjoy baking.  Therapeutic seems to be the word for the day!

Sylvia in San Diego

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It sounds like you have a talent for politics as well as baking! I think the way you created a "win-win" project of the WFO is stellar!

Welcome to TFL!


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Hi - I'm sure you'll have plenty to add to the conversations here.  Look forward to seeing some pictures - do you have any of that oven?



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It sounds like the school is fortunate to have you nearby. You are an asset to the human race my friend. I look forward to getting to know you.


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Many thanks for the kind and warm welcome,
i'm already enjoying myself and will get the camera fired up next week.

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looking forward to your blog posts!

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Hi Yozza

It's exciting to have you.  Welcome to the TFL.  I am fairly new myself, having joined the bread making blog two months ago.