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Flipping board

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Flipping board

I was wondering what you folks used for your flipping board when going from linen to peel? Size?  I have a sheet of medium or heavy weight balsa wood, 1/8 X 5 X18 in mind, with one long edge sanded down to a knife edge for getting under the dough. This is a pretty cheap and easy item to obtain. Your thoughts? Thanks

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...something a bit more substantial than balsa wood, and  slightly larger 20-1/2" x 7".

It's made from birch plywood, 1/8" thick, and I haven't found the need to put a knife edge on it, although that had been my original intent. I just roll the loaves onto the board, from the linen, and once again onto my peel. When I have more than one baguette to transfer, which is usually the case, I use a large rimless cookie sheet, covered with a piece of parchment paper, instead of my peel. I transfer three or four baguettes to the oven, with the parchment paper, easily, in one move.

My oven, and baking tiles can accomodate loaves up to 20" inches long, so I cut my board accordingly, and I had the playwood scrap left over from another project. It's obviously heavier than balsa wood, but not significantly.

David G.

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A piece of cardboard, which I've cut to my specs and covered with a clean (natch) knee-high type of hosiery.

Howard (Holds99) is to be credited for conceiving this brilliantly inexpensive, yet completely functional flipper.


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That sounds like a great flipper, Lindy. I'm going to make one up for myself this afternoon. I only have some black knee-highs, but I assume the color doesn't matter as long as they are color-fast.


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Thanks for the idea Lindy. I would think that the weave of the hosiery would work well in holding a dusting of flour also.

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You're right, Ricko - the weave does work nicely with the flour.  I also like the fact that the flipper is lightweight so I can hold it at any angle to the bread.

Pamela, isn't all hosiery pretty much colorfast?  I've no idea and have to admit that I have more Smartwool socks in my wardrobe than hosiery.


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Wine case board, pizza paddle, cardboard, large flat cookie sheet and jelly roll pans.


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I follow Mr. Reinhart's advice... a good ol' fashioned sheet pan. :)  Light, sturdy, easy to clean... works for me!

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cardboard fit the bill for quite some time, cheap and recyclable. it wasn't always around though so i ripped some luan (also known as doorskin ) into 6 x 24 inch strips and tappered the edges a bit. works great with baguettes. i made a couple at 36in and use them as peals. 6in isn't wide enough for boules though. a 4' x 8' sheet is about $8 bucks around here and the yard will cut it for you if you ask.

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I use a thin piece of plywood with linen stapled over it.  Same idea as the cardboard/hose I think - the linen accepts a dusting of flour and becomes non-stick.