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My 1st no-knead

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My 1st no-knead

Made my 1st no-knead bread today. Wow. I had low expectations, but I love it. I let it rise for 20 Hrs plus 2 Hrs more after the fold.

It came out great (for me) and tastes wonderful. Nice crisp crust highlighted with a little cornmeal. I'll be doing this one for awhile. I'm hooked. Dave


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Congratulations. That's a beautiful loaf of bread, and I know what you mean about being delicious. Next time add something to the dough like some Italian herbs and spices, or some seeds and nuts. There is a lot you can do with that basic recipe, and is limited only by your creativity.

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Wow that's looks very delicious.  Congratulations!

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Allen, why would it taste better? Does the taste degrade too much at 20 hours? I have not noticed that (I let it rise in the fridge and use it after 2-3 days).


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Your hooked on bread baking now!  Happy baking!