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And they are supposed to be twins!

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And they are supposed to be twins!

Just baked these two loaves.  They looked and weighed the same before going into the oven.  Once the oven spring began I could tell one was springing up a lot more than the other.  They were placed in the oven, the exactly position that you see in the picture.  What happened then?  They are still warm so can't slice them just yet.  I weighed them again, the large one weighed 1 lb. 6.8 oz while the smaller one weighed 1 lb. 6.9 oz.  I wonder if I am going to see a big hole in the large loaf. 



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Maybe they are fraternal and not identical!  :)


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Mini Oven

The blower is fault and physics.  Even if you don't have convection, if the loaf pans are too close to each other this can easily happen.  Try turning the loaves so you can see the ends and then they will be mirrored images of each other!   One could change their position after 10 - 15  minutes...  front to back and left to right.


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Ha, Steve!!!

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 Could it be a difference in heat conduction?  For example, did you use the exact same "make" and "model" of loaf pans?   Also,  could the heat in your oven be unevenly distributed?

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Hahahaha that must be true.

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Probably just different tension when you rolled them up and sealed the seams!  I doubt you'll have a big hole!  That Steve is to funny! 


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Far out guess, I know but......if you used dry instant yeast maybe the mix not thorough??

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Now you can see the difference.  Definitely have to work on tension of rolling and oven position next time.  The one looks nice and big outside is not as good on the inside than the smaller guy. 

The Small loaf:


Crumb shot of smaller loaf:

Larger loaf:

Crumb shot of larger loaf, lots of holes

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Nice looking loaves, crumb and pictures!


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Both of these loaves look wonderful, to me.  Larger holes please some, and the smaller ones, others.  If this the worst you can do, you're in good shape....

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If you take a look at the crumb shot of the smaller loaf, you will be able to see the tight swirl pattern indicative of rolling the dough tighter for this loaf, and rolling the dough looser for the larger loaf. Essentially, you very slightly overworked the dough on the smaller loaf, but not enough to make any significant difference. As was said before, if that's your worst work, you're in great shape.