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caraway or fennel?

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caraway or fennel?

I am looking for a great dark rye bread recipe and have found a few interesting ones. Some call for fennel seed and some call for caraway seed. Is there a big difference in these two?Do most rye recipes call for caraway? Just curious.

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Both spices are members of the parsley family and although each has a different taste or aroma, either one would be fine in my opinion. I have used them interchangeable in rye breads.


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I do love both and will often do a mix in my rye or as a topping on bagels. Fennel has a mild licorice like flavor. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with either I would do a taste test as suggested above.



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so I've been thinking of trying celery seed. Thnaks-- it doesn't sound too outlandish now :o)

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And do each with a different seed in them. Then you'll have the authentic "baked in" characteristics: somewhat softened by the dough, heated and aromatic, the flavour somewhat dispersed in the bread, which you wouldn't truly get by just sprinkling on toast.

And if you asked me, I'd say "Caraway, please!" 

Try caraway on roasted potatoes. Yum.