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Flour for brotforms

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Flour for brotforms

D'oh! I forgot to get rice flour to use in my new brotforms. I don't really feel like going to the store tomorrow JUST to get rice flour. Is there a second choice that would work OK? I have KA Bread Flour, stone ground whole wheat, cornmeal, and I have whole quina, barley, wheat berries, rye berries (either could be coarsely ground), oats (could make oat flour, but I think that'd be particularly sticky?) Heck, I've even got a boatload of brown rice that I could grind in the spice grinder if that'd work?

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Mini Oven

and it will take a while to grind it, but one little container goes a long way.  Mix 4 reg flour to 1 rice flour.  I keep the container with my brotforms.  White rice is more neutral in flavor though.  Actually anything that contains no gluten and won't get sticky when moist would work.


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I used rice flour when I used a flour sack towel in a colander but have used all-purpose flour straight in my brotforms and haven't had any sticky problems!