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All in a day's work

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All in a day's work

This is our May long weekend.  While most people are busy planting their garden I am busy in the kitchen.  I borrowed the ideas from some TFL members to make fun shape breads; JMonkey's sourdough WW English muffins, and two loaves of my own creation: SD sesame sandwich bread. 



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I have some fresh butter and all fruit jam  Hand me one of those English muffins.

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That little frog is the cutest thing...I have been thinking about doing him for my grandkids.  All your bakes are very creative...looks like you had as much fun as the gardners!!


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flournwater, those are from JMonkey's recipe.  They are very good and super big.  One is more than enough for me! :-)

Sylvia, I wish my little froggie was as cute as the original creation.  My husband said it looked sad and droopy! :-(   I made a big batch of SD dough and decided to have fun with my 7-year-old.  I made the froggie first then helped my son with the T-Rex, then the turtle and finally Santa.  By the time we finished eveything the froggie had become overproofed.  The eyes drooped, mouth closed and tummy sagged LOL but we still loved it.

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Those are great!

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It looks like you had a great time.