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I like my Escali scale very much!

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I like my Escali scale very much!

Between the hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and the positive ones on here, I went with buying this scale, and have to say, it's very nice!  I used it tonight to make hummus, and tomorrow will have to make some Pitas!

Just wanted to share a thanks, and now I can be a "real" baker, weighing out my ingredients!

Using this post ( ), and wheeleram's instructions for pitas, how long do they last without going bad or growing mold?  I'd debating on making half the recipe or not......

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Am so glad you've switched to scaling, Photojess.  Less mess to clean, better accuracy, and loads of applications. 

No idea about the pitas, but couldn't you freeze any excess?

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been thinking of buying a scale, so your post is a good reference point!  where did you buy it from?

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I buy so much stuff from Amazon, and I also bought the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes too......I'm liking it so far!

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And I am so happy with my new toy too!  It works so well.  It's particularly good for feeding my starter--especially since I figured out you can use the Tare function to calculate how much you are taking out, too!

Before I was making do on my husband's hop scale which you could not tare, you had to use the scale's measuring vessel, and it only went to 8 oz.  What a pain!

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I think I joined a Kitchen Club or something like that, and I got a free 8 oz scale, where the top-holder part is removable, and it only goes up to 8 oz too.  It's been great for Weight Watchers, and small portions of food, but this is so awesome.  I even weighed out 2 oz of pasta tonight for dinner for myself.

It's a dandy gadget, and I like gadgets!