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care of brotforms

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care of brotforms

I used my new brotforms for the first time. I sprayed the insides with a good pan release spray and dusted them with flour as directed per the instructions that came with it. Now I am wondering if I need to respray them each time I use them or should I just dust them with flour before each use?

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You should be able to just brush them out with a stiff nylon brush between uses and occasionally rinse them and dry them in a barely warm oven.  See

BUT, on Breadtopia, he regularly sprays the brotforms with olive oil, flours them and uses them.  Then he rinses them out quickly with hot water and places them on the warm stove where the oven vents to dry them well.

I've been using the breadtopia method, but I did "carmelize" a small part of one brotform leaning it against the oven vent--it was still pretty hot.  I like that method because I feel like it gets cleaner and I'm not inviting bugs or mold.  It doesn't seem to bother the cane of the brotform at all--as long as you are careful not to burn it up!

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I really brush mine, then weather permitting I put it on the deck in the sun or in a very slow oven.I have never sprayed with any thing only dusted with  brown rice flour.