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Bread knives

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Bread knives

I have tried various bread knives since I started baking all our bread some 30+ years ago.  My hand invariable tends to cut at a slight angle.  I tried a knife with a guide that one could adjust to the desired thickness of the slice, but I seldom used it.  Then I bought my first German knife, but then switched to the longer German bread knife I still use. It's the best I've found so far, but then I haven't been lookiing since this one does a better job than my previous knives.  It's by Wustohof,, "Le Cordon Bleu, 26 cm.  Perhaps you can visit a good kitchen store and compare bread knives. No  doubt there are new ones out there, but a good bread knife is a worthwhile investment.  I can still cut at an angle, but usually I don't with this knife.  It is also great for cutting tall chiffon cakes with its serrated blade.

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What is special about a bread knife? I am wondering if a special knife would be better for my breads than the bread knife that came with the set of knives I own. Is it the type of serration that makes it special?


On a similar note, I am going to bake bread for my room mates that they can use for sandwiches and wondered if there is some kind of bread slicer that would create a set of uniformly sliced pieces.



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Nothing, so long as it's serrated and works.   I've been using the same knife for about five years, holding to the philosophy that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  So long as it cuts through crust and crumb, there's no reason to replace it.

Amazon sells several bread slicers, but if you're handy and have a few pieces of wood around, you can easily make one in less than an hour.  

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Funny how two people can be having the same thought at about the same time. I was just wondering recently why my husband and I both tend to unintentionally cut the bread at an angle.  I have found that turning the loaf sideways often helps.  It's only a problem really when I'm making sandwiches and using a pan loaf.

I use the serrated knife that is part of a set; it is also made by Wustof.  I like their knives and they have a lifetime warranty for almost any problem.