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Wool & Sticky Dough

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Wool & Sticky Dough

I was reading Howard's post on Petite Pain and the S.S. France recipe when something he wrote stood out;

One surprising practice in the France bakery was the use of a piece of well-laundered wool blanket to cover the dough as it rises.  The bakers had cut 6-by-3-foot strips from wonderfully soft white blankets that in earlier times had been used by stewards to tuck around passengers taking their ease in deck chairs.  The names of famous French line ships were woven into many.  Now they were keeping dough warm. My one regret is that I did not ask for one of the old blankets as a memento of the voyage.  I fear they were tossed out when shortly thereafter the liner was taken from French line service. This method can be adapted by the home baker.  I have since cut up an old army blanket to use in my kitchen and have discovered that even the softer doughs will not stick to wool.

The thought occurred that cutting up an old wool blanket to make banneton liners would be an interesting idea.

I'm wondering if anyone has any further experience with super sticky dough and wool? Howard?