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A fabulous collection of bread videos

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A fabulous collection of bread videos

I encountered this web site while searching for something else entirely. It is a French site for professional bakers. It has lots of great material, but I was especially impressed by its collection of videos pertaining to bread and pastry baking. The collection includes visits to many famous French bakeries, interviews with bakers, instructional videos, humorous videos and more.

The URL is:

Scroll down to "Vidéos BN."



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David, thanks for the link!  I haven't been to in some time.  It looks like they've had a major redesign of their website.



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I"ve added it to my breads collection of favs.

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Bread Porn so early in the morning! Not that I can say too much. My stickybun dough is currently going through its first rise.

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David, I clicked on the video section, and while I don't speak nor understand French, would watching the videos still be beneficial?  I didn't actually try to watch any of them, thinking it wouldn't do me any good.

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LindyD worth a thousand words, photojess. They are a treat to view.

Thanks for the link, David.  I think I gained five pounds just looking at the pastries from le Fourni French Bakery in Seattle!

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I added it to my favs as well. --Pamela

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Merci bien!

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Nice discovery! 


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What more can one say.

Well, except that the four I just watched had no dialogue, just music. And minor amounts of text ("56g", "60g" and such, quite translatable).

But... wow. The croissant one was mesmerizing.

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Oh wow, I'll have a look-see right away.  Thanks for posting.

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chahira daoud

J'ai bien aime cette site, c'est vraiment geniale !!

Merci beaucoup David !!