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Where to buy plastic bags for bread?

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Where to buy plastic bags for bread?

I want to buy one type of plastic bag for both boules and batards (1-2lbs loaf).Anyone have a source they like to use?

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I used to purchase bread bags years ago from mail order catalogs such as the King Arthur Bread Baker's Catalog, and other similar sources..These places generally sell bags in quantities ranging from 25 bags to 100 bags..Which is OK if one is just an occasional baker of breads..

I found that for a bread baking enthusiast, 100 bags per purchase was not enough for me..I was constantly running out of bread bags at a time when I really did not want to place an order with KA..Then, I started working as a Garde Manger chef at an artisan bread bakery / soup cafe..Then, I found out how inexpensice a box of 1000 plastic bread bags were compared to the prices that KA and others were charging for 100 similar, or identical bags..

I have not purchased bags in quantities of 1000 for a while, but a very short Google search brought up the following site..I am positive that there are many other similar sites selling similar products..The prices are reasonable per 1000 bags, with a lot of choices..

As I post this response I am awaiting a return phone call from the Customer Service representative for International Plastics to see if they deal with individual small accounts such as home bakers like us represent, or just wholesale accounts..


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Here's another source.  They have high clarity non-perforated bags for sweet breads and perforated bags for sourdoughs or other breads with crust.  We pack the sourdoughs while they are still relatively hot without any problems with moisture build up.

Europack, Inc

Phone:(302) 295-6256

fax (302) 295-6259

Gordon Putnik is the owner.

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Without having ordered from them, International Plastics seems like an OK business with which to take a chance in ordering plastic bread bags from..They are located in Greenville, South Carolina..

There is quite a large selection to choose from, from economy bags at 0.65 mil up to heavier weight bags at 1 mil..Most case sizes are boxes of 1000, with some of the smaller economy bags coming in boxes of 2000..The largest size bags in the 1 mil thickness are in boxes of 500..

The prices are pretty reasonable as I remember them compared to similar weight and size bags that we purchased at the bakery mentioned in my above post..The only caveat to ordering large boxes of 1000 plastic bags is the shipping costs..Just like paper, cases of plaastic bags are heavy, although not quite as heavy as equivalent amounts of paper, and will cost a little bit of money to ship..To someone living on the West Coast of the United States, a closer company might be in order, as regards to shipping costs..That being said, I can assure you that the eventual price per plastic bag, regardless of what size is chosen, and even including shipping across the USA; will be much less than buying the equivalent sized bag in lots of 100 from King Arthur, and other similar websites..

Customer Service got back to me in a reasonable period of time, approximately 1.5 hours, were quite friendly, and answered all of my questions with no hesitation..I was told to tell any forum members that were interested in their products that they would glady send out free samples if you simply call the Toll Free 800 number on their website, ask for Jennifer at extension # 111, and tell her what sized bags you were interested in..I was not expecting an offer of free samples to individual home bread bakers that would in all likelihood end up being a very small account..I was pleasantly surprised..

The toll free number is 1-800-820-4722

Just mention that you are a member of The Fresh Loaf artisan bread baking forum, and that you are calling them in response to Bruce's telephonic enquiry on April 6, 2009..


Edit: I forgot to mention that there is no minimum order, and that a single box of 500, 1000, or 2000 bags is perfectly OK with them..

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Like others I used to buy bags from King Arthur -- but their prices were going out of sight and they no longer came with twist ties.  So I start looking elsewhere and found very nice bags from Pleasant Hill Grain.  They have a large bag that is 100 for $ 7.99 and they have heavy twist ties -- 2000 for 8.99.  What I like about these bags is that they are 2 mil thick and I get many uses out of them before they get used to put "trash in".

Half the price of KA and twice the Bag.


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I get my bags from a local bulk food place. She sells flours and sells me the bags she uses for about $.08 each.

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My local grocery store (Raley's) has their own brand of food & bread bags. If you buy them on sale they are pretty inexpensive.


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Checkout ULINE Shipping Supply Specialists ( They have many clear plastic bags to pick from. The KAF bag is approximately 9 x 18.

ULINE has a 9 x 20 (product no. S-10885) 1 mil poly bag for $37 per case, qty. per case is 1,000. Weight per case is 12#.

Tie wraps (S-566) are 4 inch in length and $8 per 2,0000.

These bags are FDA and USDA approved.

Although they do sell bakery and coffee bags in paper w/window and glassine, the largest is only 11 inches in length. A little short for a 12-13 inch loaf.

Six locations in the U.S.

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I'm investigating bread bags as well and ran across this link on the web.

If you have a Sam's Club nearby...

$21,95 for 1000!  It says FDA compliant.



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Fantastic price, especially since it includes shipping.

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I just did a Google search to find other sources for bread bags and found this site and signed up. I guess I'm a little late to the conversation.

I've been buying my bags from and am more than satisfied. Their bags are probably the best quality I've found and the prices are good. Plus none of their bags are premade but instead are made to order, which works well for me because I make breads of all different sizes.

I did buy some bags from Sam's Club once but they were not the best quality and kind of crispy if that makes sense. Maybe cheap quality?


edit: Was just checking back to see if anyone had any updates and caught a couple spelling mistakes I made the first time around. :)

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I buy my bags from Shadow Plastics.

Bakery Bags 5.5x4.75x16 inches 1000 $24.34

Bakery Bags 5.5x4.75x19 inches 1000 $26.68

I purchased the larger size. At the time I bought mine they
were about $ 16.00. They have many other sizes on their website. I picked mine up, but they will ship out too.

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....I'm trying a shipment of biodegradable T-shirt bags for my bread (don't need twist ties - you can tie the handles together - and can also be used for wastepaper basket liners) here:

I'll let you all know the quality and usefulness once I get them.

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Look around for a local restaurant supply store... prices are comparable to online stores, no shipping charge, and you support local business.  This is where I get my plastic bags, plastic cambro tubs, bench scraper, pretty much anything you could want for the kitchen.

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SoCal Packaging Inc

clazar123 We sell every kind of bags on their site and will beat anyone prices.  Better than ULINE type large brands and great customer service and quality.

or here is our other site to check out