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My husband's first loaf

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My husband's first loaf

Here it is!  His first loaf from the oven.  Of course, he didn't do everything by himself but it's a good start.  The bread is still warm so I have to sit on my husband to stop him from slicing the bread.  LOL  Thanks LLM777 and Sylvia!


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What kind is it?  Tell him he did very well.  It has nice even color and a good height

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Congratulations on your first oven loaf and a job nicely done!   


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Thank you!  My husband seemed to be pleased with how the loaf turned out.   He's already talking about making some more next week.  Think I have created a monster for myself. 

Photojess, it's a Russian Black Bread recipe shared by LLM777.  I make a similar loaf except I use sourdough instead of yeast.   My loaf has a much stronger flavor and fluffier texture. 

Crumb shot of his Russian Black bread:



Here's a crumb shot of my version of Russian Black bread:


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I'm so glad it turned out.  If anyone wants the recipe just search on this sight for  Russian Black Bread under the title "Does this recipe look right?" (It is a bread machine recipe.)

Great Job!

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Now he, and maybe you, can admit that he is a geniune LOAFER!!!