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Recommendation for bread knife?

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Recommendation for bread knife?

Does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations on bread knives? Rose Levy Beirnbaum recommends a 10" Furi for soft bread and an 8" Leifheit (which doesn't seem to exist anymore) for crusty bread. Does anyone have either of these, or others that they really like?



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Joe Fisher

I bought a 12" Forschner bread knife, and it has become my favorite tool in the kitchen.

The flutes are shallower and longer than on most bread knives I've seen, and it's wickedly sharp. It slices very cleanly even in very soft bread.

Let me see if I can find you a link...

Ok, here's the one I got, with the rosewood handle. You can also get it with the Fibrox synthetic handle.

Link to CutleryAndMore website

I like the 12" size, as you can take a nice long stroke and let the knife do all the work.