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A pizza parlor in your kitchen (cheap HearthKit)

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A pizza parlor in your kitchen (cheap HearthKit)

A member of Peter Reinhart's bread forum posted a link to an article on how to make your oven capable of producing a great pizza published in the LA Times today. Read it here.


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Forgot to include that. --Pamela

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Seems to me a pair of large rectangular pizza stones will accomplish the same thing, or pretty close.

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Thanks for such a cool idea.....and thrifty too!  I use a round pizza stone, but I can see how the surrounding bricks could bring more radiant heat, especially close to the pizza.  thanks.

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Good article about the pizza method. Mine are getting better. I have the dough down, now it's a matter of getting better at the baking method. Thanks for the original article - it's a great help in understanding what needs to happen here.

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My husband just sighed when I mentioned going on a fire brick hunt....  but he's used to my "crazy schemes" by now....  Plus he loves homemade pizza!