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Searching for Bannetons

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Searching for Bannetons

I'm looking to buy a banneton.  My local cooking store didn't carry them.  Any recommendations for online sources or stores in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?

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Several of us have have purchased them from here but I know there are other sites recommended by participants of this blog too.


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Kitchen Window in the Uptown area has some.


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Has reasonably priced bannetons.

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Seems to have a variety of them from different external sources, both willow and plastic banneton.


Me? I think I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and buy a cheap wicker basket, put a floured piece of linen in it and call it good to go for perhaps 1/4th of the price if I decide I want a proofing basket.

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I like the fact that Fantes gives you the country of origin and that information is accurate.  The German brotform I purchased from Fantes was high quality cane and well constructed.

I'm just glad I don't live anywhere near Fantes.  Much too tempting.

However, I did a quick Google and found there is a place in Minneapolis that makes/sells them.

Check out: Brotform, which claims to have stores in Minneapolis. 

Hope you find something you like there.

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I've got 3 of the slovakian ones from Fantes and they are great. I think there is a Sur La Table in Edina, and have heard they carry them, but they are expensive.

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These are fairly reasonable - not much of variety though.

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I used to work there part time in the early 1980s--actually I spent a lot more money than I made.


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Another vote here for SFBI!!.  I just ordere 2 of their 1.5 lb ones and I paid $35 which is a far sight cheaper than Sur La Table at $29 each.

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The prices that I saw on the SFBI for the cloth-lined bannetons are quite simply amazing..

I am ashamed to admit that I purchased my 11 German-made brotform proofing baskets for full price years ago when I could afford to do so..I have got over $325.00 invested in them..I purchased them mail order from Bridge Kitchenware in NYC before I ever owned a computer..I just went on the BK website to check and see if they were still selling them, and Voila, the bannetons (BK calls the unlined German brotform a banneton) are ALL on sale, with only one size being sold out..Some of the sale prices are quite good, while others are OK..

Just type banneton (use this spelling) into the search function and the SALE page containg the 10 sizes should show on your screen..There are 3 sizes each of oval, rectangular, and round bannetons, along with a baguette sized one..

Other than Fantes, Bridge Kitchenware has the best selection of sizes on the German-made brotform baskets that I have seen..