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First Baguette - Tips Needed!

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First Baguette - Tips Needed!

Hi All,


Well, I've been bitten by the baking bug and have made my first loaf ever, a baguette from the Crust and Crumb cookbook that turned out way better than I expected.  While I'm pleased with the results, I noticed that the baguette wasn't nearly as crusty on its underside.  I'm thinking that not having a cooking stone or a baguette pan kept the underside from developing properly.  But perhaps there is another reason?  Any tips here would be greatly appreciated. Also, as seen in the photos, the inside was a bit dense, a bit chewy.  I may have over kneeded or distrurbed the inner air pockets somehow?  What would cause this? 

Either way, for a first effort I'm quite pleased and am glad to be a part of this great community!



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Hi Miz. I think your baguettes looks pretty good--I've turned out some that weren't half as appealing as yours look.

On the underside: I bake on a stone and I think that definitely helps with the bottom crust. On the crumb: hard to say why it isn't more open, but a general comment might be to handle/shape the loaves more gently next time--you don't want to degas them anymore that is necessary to get them in the right shape.

There was a video link posted today which shows how to shape.


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very nice baguettes.  i wouldn't think it was your first time. :)

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They sure turned out great.  Now I want to try making some.