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Recent Mise en Place Photos

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Recent Mise en Place Photos

Recently there have been some excellent examples of food photography that start with a picture of all the ingredients. It's a sort of Mise en Place reference that shows everyone what brand of various products are and is a reminder to get everything ready prior to mixing. I think it is worth pointing out how nice it is to see that image. You can gain a lot if you are interested in the detail. Here is a great example of what I'm talking about.
gothicgirl has become quiet prolific and is showing us she is not only a gifted baker, she knows how to shoot interesting images.

Getting everything ready in advance is a suggestion made by most if not all bread authors of note. Who hasn't forgotten the salt or some other small item as you run down the list of things to add.

Anyway I'm not suggesting everyone needs to follow suit but these recent posts are very nice additions to the site.


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How'd she get such a bright, white background to the photos, Eric? --Pamela

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She probably edited the distracting backgrounds out in post processing..I am terrible at it, but I know better photographers that regularly do such things..Virtually antything can be accomplished in digital post processing if one has the time, the knowledge, and the skill..


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Hi Bruce. I thought about that too. Photoshop makes baking bread look easy! I'll have to explore editing options. --Pamela

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Based on the EXIF data for the photo, looks like this is just very simple post processing in that Piknic utility that Flickr has. The shooter is doing very well with only a Fujifilm FinePix S5100, which I believe is only a 4MP camera.

The shooter has found a formula that works for her with that camera. It takes some trial and error. Taking a look at her Flickr stream my guess is a simple wite paper background or even pure white wall lit separately and behind the items. You would then set exposure for the food item(s), and the background will overexpose to a nice white or very light neutral gray. Scary to think what would happen if she got a good SLR ;-) Nice job.

Unless you get a good shot with the right lighting to begin with, no amount of Photoshop will really fix it. Commercial photography including food items is my day job.

Here is an out take from a commercial job.

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Mini Oven

Just park your cupcake on a big white sheet of paper.  Set it up so half the paper is under the subject and it curves at the back and goes up behind it.  Shine under the subject?  Use a white porcelain plate.  Use a couple of clothes pins if you have to, a chair makes a good paper holder.  The paper should not be folded or creased so that the background flows.  No special software needed! 

Don't like white?  Try a different color!


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Good idea Mini,  Im really more into baking than photos...I like to be able to take a decent photo...but it's really just not that important to me!!  Having to much fun baking I guess and I do like colors!!  I do really appreciate others nice's just something I know I will never want to spend the time on to perfect!!


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Here is a web site that tells you one way to make an inexpensive light box for small object photography. There are many ways to accomplish this concept including using white translucent fabric and flash units outside but this works for starters.

For me, it's not about product photography that is all clean and sterile. I prefer a warm home environment but for product shots or single item close up images a light box is nice.


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The light box is interesting--perhaps a little to advanced for me at this stage! --Pamela

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Following the link Eric offered, I set out to make the light box as per instructions.

I realize that most of us bakers are here for the baking experience, not the photography one, but having said that, I believe that supporting one's baking with good pictures goes a long way.

I offer the pictures below only for those who might consider the idea.  The first two pics is my light box set up and then an example of it put into use.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for sharing how this is done. I might try it. --Pamela