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Did the Hearthkit Manufacturer fold?

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Did the Hearthkit Manufacturer fold?

Does anyone know if the manufacturer of hearthkits is still in business?  Their website has been "under construction" for some time now, and it's not available anywhere except EBAY.  

I ask because I went ahead and bought an unused model off EBAY.  It was real cheap, but I'm hoping I don't have any problems which would have otherwise been covered by warranty. 

Also, I hope this doesn't duplicate an earlier post.  If so my apologies.  I looked around as best I could, but it didn't appear in my search results.

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Thanks for the link.  I had seen that some time ago, but nothing else online about the status of the company.   I guess the rumor's true.


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You might try asking over at King Arthur Flour. They used to carry the kit in the catalog. They are always very helpful with any questions.

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