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My first Italian and my first photos

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My first Italian and my first photos

This is the first loaf of bread I have ever made. It actually looks pretty good and it tastes better than it looks. I chalk it all up to good tips from this site.and beginners luck. The recipe came from the back of the bread flour package. Simple and easy to make. I was unable to get a good photo of the crumb but it has zillions of small holes and is light as can be. I will try to add a better pic of the crumb tomorrow when the light is better. [This is my first attempt at uploading photos as well.] Not only is this bread baking thing cool but it is fun as well. I think I found a winetr hobby. (I am a golf pro and won't have much time in the summer - too much time spent giving lessons and such.) Cinnamon raisin or rye will be next, maybe even cinnamon rolls....oh yeah I'm hooked.....

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Congrats on getting hooked....must be a golf term in there somewhere...hook shot ??  Nope that is basketball ! Anyway keep on following tried and true recipes and then you can branch out. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not spending time making bread using directions that are clear and concise. There is lots of time to experiment later after you have the "hands" for it. Good Luck c

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First timer or not, that's a beautiful loaf.  Looking forward to seeing the other images.

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I'm hoping you would know that's another name for double eagle. Great first effort Geno. Plenty of good recipes and help here. You're among friends.


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Congratulations on your first loaf!  Sounds like you've got some great plans for the next few months.  Nothing like a hobby you can eat!


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I bet you're oozing with inspiration now!  Lovely bread.

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Thanks for all the compliments. It is appreciated. Unfortunately any good pics of the crumb won't be forthcomming due to the bread being eaten by family before I could take more.This is the best I had from the first batch.