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Latest breads....really tasty!

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Latest breads....really tasty!

I tried the "Casatiello" from Bread Baker's Apprentice, and although thouroughly delighted, found it to be very similar to the "Ciabatta w/ wild mushrooms.  The Ciabatta is not "enriched", and the Casatiello is.  These breads had nice crumb, and were extremely loved both of them.  I'm vegetarian, so instead of meat, I substituted olives, sun-dried tomatoes, provolone, and a little garlic and serrano pepper in the "Casatiello". 

I also took these cinnamon roll/muffins to work today.  I baked them in muffin tins to give them more crust!  sounds strange, but the recipe is so good that the extra crust is delightful and gives some added texture to go with the sugar.  I asked co-workers if I should do the cinnamon rolls soft next time, and they like the crust also.....I made them quite small (24 muffins) because I thought the rolls would be more interesting in a small snack size....although Will had about 8 of them...some snack!  there   are only 20 cinnamon rolls on the tray...some of them didn't make it to work.....

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These all look delicious...I bet they love you at work!!  Lovely, bake!


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Wow they look good and must be delicious!  Thanks for sharing!